We deeply believe in a better and cleaner future, for the new generations. In order to achieve this vision, we all have to start our daily actions, focused to save natural resources and reduce our carbon footprint, going solar. The best action we can do now, is to show new generations the importance of sustainability. For this reason, we are particularly dedicated to support real actions in favour of public and private Educational Institutions in Dubai (Schools & Universities).

This absolutely innovative and unique INITIATIVE opened to all the Dubai Schools and Universities, aims to :

  • Save money, reducing energy bills, by installing solar energy.
    It can reduce your school’s electricity bill significantly during next 20 years, entering in a SOLAR LEASE FORMULA, where a third party “solar lessor” will 100% finance, build, operate and maintain a solar plant onto your facility rooftop. Your Organization will not invest even one dirham, you will just obtain cheaper and 100% clean electricity !

  • Create Educational Opportunities.
    Schools have enormous incentive to go solar, not just to save money, but to create an energy and sustainability conscious student body. Since it is important that students be aware of the huge environmental challenges we face this century, schools serve as stewards of sustainability and cornerstones of green initiatives that benefit their community. In addition, all Solar Energy Industries Associations predict that, by 2020, the surging demand for solar systems will add hundreds of thousands of green-collar jobs to the economy, including those in research, development, manufacturing, construction, sales, and marketing. Solar curricula help prepare students for these types of jobs. Upon this initiative, we will support your Organization in the implementation of proper green educational programs !


    If you are representing a School or University in Dubai, just contact us in order to ask for our free-of-cost preliminary analysis, aiming to offer your Institution the best solutions in order to go solar, cutting your energy bills. At the same time, we will support your Organization into the development of best solar energy educational programs, in favour of your students. This will give your Institution a great added value which your community, families and kids for sure will immediately recognize !